I've had a long break from recording any music but I feel like getting back into it now. I used to be on here a few years ago as SirBorris. I've left that account live but felt like signing up again with a less silly name. At the time, this site was a big driving force in motivating me to improve my playing and recording techniques and thus my current style owes alot to this site and the bandamp community. I struggle a bit with a lack of inspiration and motivation (not to mention time as well) and I want to become an active member again to see if it will help me with this, and to hopefully help others with their music as well.

usb midi interface???

July 10th, 2012 + 4:07 PM  ·  IanS

The time has come to replace my frankly shite midi interface (consisting of just a cable) with something better cos there is a time delay after hitting a note and also problems with note velocities. They are both completely off the mark when I try to play a vst on my keyboard or record into FL. Drives me crazy cos I have to adjust each individual note I play afterwards which takes a long bloody time and is hindering my creativity...

I'm hoping to get something that will eradicate this delay. and maybe get something which incorporates a mixer for home recording as well... Does anyone have any experience with such products and would recommend anything???

Many thanks

Symphony for the Hound

July 2nd, 2012 + 4:07 PM  ·  IanS

I haven't got any proper new material to upload yet. This is something I came up with in 2010 which I was never really happy with. I've recently been working on it tweaking bits here and there, as a way of getting myself back into recording music and getting used to the programming again. I've never been any good at naming songs :s ...

Anyway, Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think ( I personally think it's lacking a bit in  melodic variation or structure and there are still bits that nag at me and need polishing up)


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